Topical Articles

Kurd or Kurds: A Sociological Approach to Kurdish Studies

Ehsan Houshmand

By emphasizing the complex variety of Kurdish languages and regional accents, religious beliefs, life-styles and traditions, the author warns against a superficial view of Kurds as a homogeneous and monolithical ethnic entity.


Kurdistan And The 2nd of Khordad

Khaled Tavakkoli

Kurdistan played a major part in Mr. Khatami's electoral triumph in 1376. Here is a look at the important part they played in the event and the expectations which were raised in accordance with that great support.


Iraqi Kurdistan: From Safe Haven to Autonomous State

Dlip Hiro

The many European countries that have given home and shelter to a great number of Kurdish refugees and immigrants have also had a considerable impact on them. The various and variegated cultural and political effects on many Kurdish sub-groups are the subject of this article.


Supra-National Networks: New Possibilities and Obstacles for Kurdish Statehood

Denis Natalie

This is an essay on the fate of Kurdish areas in Northern Iraq after the collapse of the Iraqi Army, in 1991, and subsequent events leading to the establishment of the so-called Safe-haven covered by Allied air power. Events which have had a considerable effect on regional international relations in the Middle East, and have also played a major role in the efforts by the United States to topple the Ba'thist regime in Baghdad.


Turkey and the Prospects of an Independent Kurdish State in Northern Iraq

Nihat-Ali Ouzjan

The path to an independent Kurdish state is rife with obstacles and difficulties. But here, the author explores possible Turkish positions in reaction to recent events, and in anticipation of the establishment of an autonomous Kurdish state on the country's southern flank.


A Survey of Growth Indicators for Kurdistan

Mas'oud Soufi Majid-Pour

Growth and development indicators point to the fact that in comparison, Kurdistan lags far behind many other Iranian provinces. This is not only a survey of unfortunate statistical realities but a serious reminder that it's time to start amending these dangerous inequities.